Dunham Massey

So a few weeks ago I mentioned that I was going for a walk… we went to Dunham Massey in Altrincham! There are a lot of lovely National Trust places near me and this is one I hadn’t been to before. It was lovely, but I still prefer Tatton Park!

Here are some pictures anyway! I hope that you like them…

DunhamMassey3 DunhamMassey5DunhamMassey4DunhamMassey2DunhamMassey7DunhamMassey1DunhamMassey6DunhamMassey8

Yes, I did wore a tie and bright pink lipstick for a walk, and yes I REALLY need to improve my ‘jump photo’, and no, Matt wouldn’t play and just stood there!

However I hope you like them, Dunham Massey is well worth a visit, and we will give it another go in Summer!


Thanks for reading

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Valentines Flowers

Hello All,

This is just a quick one… The beautiful flowers Matt got me for my birthday have finally flowered so I thought I would share some pictures of them with you!

YellowRose BunchLillyWhiteRoseLillyCloseup

Lillies and Yellow Roses are my favourites so it just goes to show how well my wonderful man knows me! I am thrilled with them!

Hope they brighten up your day too!

Thanks for reading

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Birthday Wish list

Hello Everyone,

I hope you’re well, I have a been a bit busy for the past week or so and have got a few crazy things going on in my life but I wont bore you with most of it!

The big one… I am 30 next week, on Tuesday in fact… I am excited..? Erm… not exactly. However I have had some time to get used to the idea and it no longer brings me to tears at the thought of it!

Lets face it… birthdays usually bring one thing… presents!! haha. Yes I am that shallow! So here is my wish list of some things I would like at the moment…

Miss Selfridge Pink Lace Dress

Miss Selfridge
Embroidered Midi Dress

I love this dress from Miss Selfridge I think it’s beautiful, the perfect mix of feminine and sexy! They do it in cream too… yes please!

Regal Rose amazonite-pendulum-necklace

Regal Rose
Amazonite Pendulum Necklace

Sadly this gorgeous necklace is sold out at the moment so you cannot purchase, but I think I need this in my collection! This the first of 2 items I would like from Regal Rose and they’re both sold out (sob sob)

Missguided Evil Eye Shoe

Evil Eye Slipper Shoes

Oh my gosh, how gorgeous are these shoes! I love love love them! I have been buying heels lately which is rare for me, but I LOVE these! Well done Missguided!

Boohoo Tapestry Jacket

Boutique Grace Tapestry Trim Trophy Jacket

I love this Jacket from Boohoo, I think it has a metallic thread running through it which I wouldn’t be sure about until I saw it in real life but I love the idea of it! I saw this on Nicola Claire‘s blog and just fell in love with it!

Sass and BelleRose Garland - Light Pink

Sass and Belle Pink Garland2

Sass and Belle
Rose Garland – Light Pink

Sass and Belle will be getting a lot of my money when we finally get around to doing the second bedroom! I can see this lovely garland wrapped around a shelf! Heaven!

Regal Rose clear-crystal-pendant-necklace

Regal Rose
Clear Crystal Pendant Necklace

This is the second piece from Regal Rose – again also sadly sold out at the moment! But I love love love this pendant! I need it in my life!!

And last but not least…

Boohoo Blk and White dress

Boutique Minnie Contrast Band Lace Prom Dress

Boohoo boutique at the moment is just simply amazing, I pretty much like everything!! This dress is just amazing, if I had seen it sooner I might have bought it for one of my birthday parties, but alas, I will have to find another reason! Shame it’s too white to wear to a wedding!

So yes, that’s my current wish list, let’s be honest there are LOADS of things I want at the moment but these are towards the top of the list!

Hope you like them

Thanks for reading!

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The A-Z of me


I have seen this around on a few different blogs so I thought I might as well jump on this particular band wagon! Why not hey! So here goes… a few little insights into moi

Age: 29 (30 on the 26th Feb… sob sob)
Bed Size: Double, but we have a king size duvet – I’m a stealer
Chores you hate: Putting away the clean clothes – there is SO many of them
Dogs: I just lost my dog, Mollie. I will have another eventually
Essential Start to your day: Light – I cannot wake up without light
Favourite Colour: Purple
Gold or Silver: Both
Height: 5″8
Instruments I play: Haha… erm… No
Job Title: Account Manager
Kids: No thanks
Live: Cheshire
Mum’s name: Debra
Nicknames: Jenoir
Overnight hospital stays: None… touch wood
Pet Peeve: Stupid people
Quote from a movie: Now back up, put the gun down, and get me a pack of Tropical Fruit Bubblicious. And some Skittles
Right or Left handed: Right
Siblings: An older brother
Time you wake up: 7.30
Underwear: Yes, I wear it daily
Vegetables you dislike: hhmmm I think I like them all. I don’t like carrots when they’ve been cooked though.
What makes you run late: Sneezing whilst doing my mascara
X-Rays you’ve had done: Teeth
Yummy food you make: Make food, as in cook? Haha
Zoo Animals: Giraffe’s please!

So there you go – I little bit more completely useless information about me! Hope you enjoyed it, anything else you want to know please do just ask


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Stockport Vintage Village

Hello All,

This post is a little overdue… I actually went to Stockport Vintage Village months ago, perhaps December, I think. I love days like this, nothing makes me happier than having a wander around the past, I am pretty much convinced I was born the wrong era… no, this isn’t the usual cliché, I don’t want to go back in time and live in the Victorian times, too much disease for my liking, I want to go forward to when they have invented time machines so I can pop back to all of the different eras and experience them all!

Anyway… I digress! Stockport Vintage Village is held in the beautiful indoor markets which do in fact date back to the Victorian times, a must see on it’s own! The second Sunday of every month it is invaded by all things vintage and lovely.

Here are a couple of pictures from my day, I hope you like them


There was more than enough to see, do, eat, drink… you can even have your hair done! So I will definitely be going back!

If you want more information on when and where to visit please just click here

Thanks everyone, speak to you soon

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The Mothers Birthday


Me again! The reason I have not posted too much of late is not because I haven’t wanted to, it is mainly down to the fact I haven’t been doing anything remotely exciting. I am not exaggerating.

The last 2 weekends have been filled with eBay… I am not kidding you! I have decided that I need to raise some funds and sell some of my stuff… but seriously HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE! I’m my first weekend I made about £85 which I think is pretty good effort so I will keep it up, but it is not a process that I could claim to enjoy!

We are planning a mini refurb on our second bedroom so have been planning lots of things for that too… my love for antique furniture will have to put on a back burner though for this room as it will be a purely practical room, I will show you some progress pics I think… yes I will! With that, I will leave this topic here and upload a ‘before’ post when we start properly on the project!

So the most exciting thing I have done in past few weeks is that it was the mothers birthday, my mum is like my best friend, I adore her so this is always an exciting night for me. We went out for a meal at a Thai restaurant near me called Siam Village. So, I took some outfit photos… please do not get excited… I am new to this, as is my lovely photographer Matt so they’re nothing special but hopefully I will gradually improve on this! I don’t know, I might even try to be consistent about whether or not to have the light on? What do you think?


Hmmmm I have clearly done something weird with the colour again! I don’t have bright red hair! Anyway my jumper is from H&M, Hat is very old so I cannot even remember where I got this from. Necklace is from Primark and my skirt is from Topshop (this link is to the actual skirt).

Talking about my hair… I don’t think I have mentioned that I am on a looooooong journey, I made the decision to grow my colour out, which is not easy when it’s as long as mine is. My natural colour is now down to about my shoulders from the top of my head, the temptation to chop it into a bob is over whelming!

Anyway… that’s my random ponderings for this Saturday morning, I am going for another walk at Dunham Massey today (rock and roll hey) so more pictures of the lovely outdoors will more than likely follow!


Muchas Love – I will speak to you all soon

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